A showcase of your business

Your store is literally a showcase of your business. As customers perceive your store, they perceive your business as well as the perceive you. The more comfortable and friendly the environment is, the more comfortable they feel when buying your goods. Competition is huge and the look of the store is one of the few ways to differ.

A change

 There are many reasons for changing the interior of the store. You can move, expand or your shop´s interior is getting outdated and you need it to look fresh again. The change can be big and essential or just small. However, you will be faced with the reality of how to make this change. Who has not asked the crucial question "How to face this change?" And each of us is worried about the result. Will it be as I expected?

Measure twice…

The most crucial decision is whether you make the interior design and following steps yourself or you contact an expert. In the first case you have to rely on your aesthetic feelings, the ability to create designs, to contradict suppliers etc. You will have to become experts in building materials, color combinations, surfaces, lighting, health and hygiene regulations and other areas. And remember: book your time.

Interior architect

If you decide to work with an expert, the best option is the interior designer. He is a skilled expert who will take you through all the obstacles of creating or changing the store interior. He can cover the construction work, the interior design, the color design and the supplies of interior elements. He also monitors health and hygiene standards. He has sufficient insight and at the same time he understands using individual materials. He can make your expectations to become reality.


The branch of optics, like any branch, has its own specifics, and if only if you can understand it, than a good and functional design of the shop can be created. As long-term importers of optics equipment, we have decided not to make these designs only by ourselves but to cooperate with the interior designer. We add our many years of experience with interior elements and combine it with the skill and invention of an interior architect. We are firmly convinced that this is the most effective way to reach the goal - your satisfaction.

Architectural concept

First we will discuss the whole intent and scope. The interior architect will visit you, focus on existing or future spaces, discuss the future style of the shop, schedule the works and make budget. Based on the first meeting, we will provide a proposal for the whole procedure and an estimated budget. After your approval, they will make designs, color schemes, visualizations and materials etc.

Let´s do it

We deal with our own or our suppliers under the professional supervision of the interior designer. We will take care of the schedule of work, quality control and assembly of special features.


We are aware of the fact that the realization of a new store or the change of interior requires a lot of financial resources and therefore we are able to offer various options for repayment or other financial assistance for bigger deliveries. It's all about your satisfaction.
If you have any questions, please contact us at info@vybavenioptik.cz or ondrej@obruby.cz